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Transforming Lives Through Professional Life Coaching

For Everyone

Our team at Holistic Professional Coaching by Alberita will work together to establish balance and flow. We’ll do this through one-on-one coaching and small group learning sessions. You don’t have to go through rough times alone. All you have to do is accept and give support to one another, exchange useful tools, and move toward healthy habits, balance, and success. While building confidence, courage, and respect for yourself and other people!

We’ll provide you with a personalized meditation that is created specifically for you. This is a much-needed practice in life. A few minutes of meditation or listening to meditation music gives you more time to relax. It makes your mind calmer and more focused.

Alberita Johnson, Holistic Coach, Guide and Minister will help you learn to stop allowing your life and business to consume you. She’ll assist you to move forward so you can no longer be stuck. You can rely on her to make your life better, wherever you are in and around Lee County, Florida. She will also be there for you in to assist you and your loved ones in Celebrations of Life-memorials and funerals, Commitment,  Weddings and Dedication ceremonies, 

Alberita Johnson is a member of the International Association of Coaches and The Best of Coaches.

Working with Alberita Johnson is rewarding. She knows the needs of her clients, and they are of the utmost importance to her. She is committed to meeting those needs. She welcomes every opportunity to earn your trust and personally deliver you the best services in the industry.

Reach Alberita Johnson Here:




Monday to Saturday: Flexible Time

Sunday: For Emergencies Only

In Each of Us Lies Great Potential With Limitless Opportunities

Alberita Johnson considers life as a journey in which we are all in motion.  With this in mind, she empowers her clients to understand that everyone's journey is different. She believes that with clarity of vision, one’s adventure will be abound with joy. She is committed to helping her clients achieve their dreams, reach their goals, and sustain a lifestyle of their choice.

With limitless possibilities, Alberita Johnson works closely with her clients and encourages them to achieve a balanced life. She has an extensive background in communication and a compassionate heart. This enables her to connect with her clients quickly and effectively while utilizing her unique abilities for fantastic results.

Alberita Johnson

"As with most people, I’m not exempt from trials and tribulations in my life. But however great the challenges, they were interrupted with great successes. Life has taught me so much, and it has afforded me experiences that cannot be taught in a classroom.

My philosophy is to learn to trust deeply in yourself, to become fully awake to who you are and where you want to be in life.  This is done by close self examination of SELF without fear, blame, or regrets for decisions, ultimately accepting that I am responsible for me. Sounds simple, but living it takes hard work and lots of  LOVE and Forgiveness, This Way, I AM FREE, to BE. 

Now, I’m living my dreams wide awake, and the sky is the limit. I am now committed to helping others reach their "Destination  Joy." 

Those Who Look Inside Awaken

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