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The Magic of Music

Alberita Johnson: Posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5:20 PM

Oh the joy of sound, of harmony of music and song. I can’t remember when my love affair with The Magic of Sound, began but I am sure it was at a young age.

I can recall the family dancing and singing to, “The Motown Sound,” and while watching cartoons, like Bugs Bunny and other Loony Tunes, I remember hearing the Classics in the background, and who can forget Hollywood Musicals their Standards and our worship music. For me there are few boundaries in music. I have heard it said that music is international, that it speaks all languages.

Music is pervasive, it gets in us. As a youth it is memory and eventually the memory becomes meaning and somehow we begin to learn from it. It becomes recognized, the question is why we like it so much, and what are we really learning? Clearly children experience music, and learn something from it, just as we do.

Our emotions are engaged, but what about the emotions of a child. Music can bring us to tears, but not a child, their emotions and thought patterns are not that complex. And yet it calms them and teaches them. I believe therein is the lesson, we find a peace.

Music is language spoken by the masses, without explicit meaning. It speaks to our emotions and unlocks mysteries within our souls and we respond in turn. We dance, sway, hum, write lyrics, and sing them.

We dedicate them to each other and honor our God in music, song and dance. We go to war in melody and prepare for it in harmony. We build instruments to make music and will readily use any tools we find to make music including our hands and feet. We declare tunes as happy, and haunting.

We observe music in nature, the birds singing, the waters waves and ripples, our babies’ first sounds of the rhythmic beating of their mothers’ heart. For many, silence is disconcerting, and find it difficult to keep silent for extended periods. We may not speak but we appear to have a need for melody.

Music touches the soul of man, it goes beyond our consciousness and lodges in our sub-conscious, there it merges with us and we yield we are both possessed and the possessor. What is it that we are melding with? I remember a song by the R and B group The Ojays, who sang in perfect harmony why they love music.

The entire song is equated to love. Can it be that The Magic of Sound is the love it invokes? I wonder is that why we love it?

By: Alberita Johnson,

Certified Professional Life Coach

Hold On or Let Go

Alberita: Posted on Monday, October 10, 2011 11:38 AM

Hello Everyone,

I have been wondering lately about the power of forgiveness. And yes, it is powerful. I, like many others have had my share of pain and suffering at what I believe to be a direct result of someone harming me, whether by word or deed, intentionally or not. I pondered whether or not it was easier to ask for forgiveness or to accept an apology.

I came to the conclusion that it must be easier to accept an apology rather than to ask for forgiveness, the latter implying a wrong doing, and for many a distorted sense of weakness, two of the reasons why it is more difficult, it is also a humbling experience requiring self- examination. And who wants to be under a microscope.

How many of us have accepted an apology and said, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it,” And the whole situation is settled just like that. But when we have to apologize, we are in essence admitting that we’ve hurt someone and that is not easy. Now I am not saying this to lessen the effect of a accepting a genuine apology, or the added risk that the apology may be insincere, this is simply an observation.

While continuing on my journey I allowed my mind to drift to the benefits of forgiveness. There must be a benefit to apologies, to please me or others to attempt to right a wrong. If it is to please others am I apologizing to make myself feel better or because I have harmed someone else.

Making amends is supposed to bring healing for whom? What about the source of the offense, the content, when should I beg to be forgiven how do I show genuine sincerity, or does content matter at all.

Holding On or Letting Go had me in circles. It was time to make a decision. As we move into the last quarter of 2011, I want to leave behind the pain I hold onto in order to remain angry so I cannot forgive. I will not carry over into 2012 my errors, stubbornness, and pride and refuse to apologize. I choose to be free and release others to freedom that’s true healing.

Choosing freedom to no longer be depressed, angry, or resentful, and instead choose liberty to feel good about myself and build self-esteem, and self-worth is one of my resolutions which in some cases require me to forgive myself too.

Some wounds are grave, and it seems we can never be free of the pain, and we may need help, if so seek a counselor or coach and for those wounds that are not as damaging choose freedom and tap into the power of forgiveness.

I have heard it said like this, Let go and Let God.

Peace and Blessings,

Alberita Johnson

Mother in the Mirror

Alberita: Posted on Monday, September 26, 2011 9:49 AM

Hello Fellow Sojourners,

Mommy & Me Cruising 2010Back in the 70’s, while in High School, one of the required readings was the book, “My Mother Myself,” by Nancy Friday, this book made a lasting impression on my young mind. It is hard for me to recall much of it, except the title itself.

However, much of my thoughts today about mothers and daughters are derived from the title. Which is an unnerving concern I have about growing older and turning into my mother, I have been married for twenty years and my husband has remarked on occasion, “you are just like your mother,” I don’t think he has any idea what that means to me. Take a look at the picture, that's mommy and me on a cruise in 2010.

Mothers and Daughters-have a unique relationship. We adore our mothers as little girls we smear on her lipstick, put on her shoes and jewelry we want to be mommy. Then as puberty comes along we can hardly bare her presence she becomes the enemy, the lady whom we use to adore becomes an alien to us. And later, for the fortunate among us she may become our friend again and confidant in our twenties and thirties.

Witnessing the transition of our daughters from little girl to tween through teens and adulthood, while maintaining a loving relationship with her can be challenging. The love hate relationship between us is mind boggling and yet we persevere.

My mom is in her eighties now and I can honestly say that her strength of character and mother wisdom is amazing. Not only does she still drive she also goes to the gym three days a week. Somehow we made it she’s my friend, my mom and my first love. Many have had an impact on our relationship, my thanks to all of you, every good word, every prayer and admonishment, we couldn’t have made without you.

Restoration can happen sooner than later, if you are wondering what happened to the relationship once shared between you, mother with your daughter or you daughter with your mother. Or desire to establish a positive relationship. I have just what you need.

Join me, Life Coach Alberita Johnson on a Journey of Discovery and Restoration as we learn to nourish and nurture our very first love relationship. Mother Daughter Coaching is offered in private sessions or group sessions. This is new and I am excited to offer this to you, visit my site to register or contact me,

Grace & Blessings

Alberita Johnson

These Four Things

Alberita: Posted on Saturday, April 09, 2011 4:47 PM

Change is coming, change is coming, or so they say. Today my co-host and I had a conversation with two guest, who I will call Ms. M, and Ms. V. The dialogue was all about change. And these ladies tackled some pretty tough topics. Here is a little of what was shared.

The topics, ranged from health issues to religion, relationships and finance. When asked for at least three things health wise that we women could do immediately and make a positive change to improve our health.

Our guest stepped up to the plate...Diet, Affirmations and Boundaries. Now I must admit I expected Diet, but the other two, were somewhat of a surprise. But in retrospect I see the benefit of positive affirmations and setting boundaries. Diet, affirmations and boundaries require discipline, but combined together will strengthen the resolve to reach one's goals.

Now about finance, keeping up with the Jones', has been the downfall of many, in other words if you don't have the Jones' income, then one will probably have a hard time keeping up. So, what to do...three things from our guest. Know your priorities, know your sphere of influence-the people, places and things that impact us, and learn how to budget. I agree.

Next up the big R's, Relationships and Religion. These two for many appear to be unrelated, however our guest, saw connections. They brought to the forefront, that in many religious traditions patriarchy is dominant, and for women submission is the law of the land. We spoke briefly about it, but ran out of time.

I welcome your thoughts and opinions regarding the big R's. Where do you stand?

Is it time for a change?

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