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Build Better Relationships With Your Family and Other People

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters have a unique relationship.

This journey of discovery and restoration is exciting as we learn to nourish and nurture our very first love relationship. We adore our mothers as little girls. We smear her lipstick and put on her shoes and jewelry. We want to be mommy.

Then, when puberty came, we can hardly bear with her presence. She becomes our enemy. The lady whom we use to adore becomes an alien to us. And later, for those who were fortunate, she became our friend again. She became our confidant in our late 20s and 30s.

It can be challenging for mothers to witness the transition of their daughters, from little girl to teens and adulthood, while maintaining a loving relationship with them. But it’s never too late for restoration. Join a group and schedule a session today! Life Coaching by Alberita serves clients in and around Lee County, Florida.

Our mother-daughter coaching sessions are private. Mothers and daughters are encouraged to join a group.

To schedule sessions, please call us at 239 218-7405. Contact us today. 

For Daughters

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

A couple of years ago, Life Coaching by Alberita started a women’s group called, “Sugar and Spice.” They would gather at our home every month. The concept of Sugar describes the outer beauty of a woman, while the concept of Spice her inner beauty, her true beauty.

The art of balancing the two is the key to do it well and find inner peace. Many ladies had daughters, so we decided to introduce Sugar and Spice to young girls in and around Lee County, Florida.


How do I look? What do others perceive from my looks?

  • Appearance

  • Communication

  • Demeanor


Am I transparent? How do others perceive me?

  • Acts of Kindness, Faithfulness, and Gentleness

  • Contentment, Patience, Goodness, and Love

  • State of Being Joyful and Peaceful and Having Self-Control

Our Sugar and Spice group for young ladies is a coming-of-age group for our daughters. We begin our journey by:

Answering the Call, Submitting to the Call, and Living the Call

Discovering the Fruits of Character Building

Lifting the Veil That Hides True Beauty (Makeup and Fashion)

Practicing These Three Virtues: Purity, Chastity, and Charity

Balancing Activities in School, Social Life, and Dating

Practicing Hospitality and Etiquette

Serving As My Sister’s Keeper by Providing Services at Home, in the Community, and at Large

Maintaining Intimacy and Building True Friendships

Reminding Ourselves That Our My Body Is Our Temple Through Physical Fitness and Stress-Free Living

Organizing Celebrations and Closing Events

The meetings we hold include light snacks, games, and hands-on exercises. We meet once a month. To join a group or training or start your own, call us at 239 218-7405. Contact us today!

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