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Intimacy is sharing yourself fully  

Being in the moment fully

Keshea Kamaria

Intimacy Coach and Holistic Healer. My experience has taught me that in order to achieve sexual freedom we must heal the physical body from the influences responsible for all the reservations we hold around our bodies and our natural sexual desires.

My work holistically supports the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of a person. I focus on improving physical health as I help individuals reconnect to the body and deepen the sexual relationship with one's self. I coach both male and female-bodied individuals as well as couples.

I grew up with two loving parents who taught me that sex is something done with a spouse, only after going before God and promising "till death do you part." My religious upbringing shaped how I thought about sex and relationships for 25 years. As an adolescent, I had guilty crushes on people so much older so I lied about my age to get their attention and in middle and high school I struggled through the most awkward stages but still had the strong need to be sexually desired. In my early 20's, I was finally getting the attention from men I desired but not the respect, not every time. I still hadn't found my voice to demand it yet. 

I found my voice when I found myself empty, completely drained, heartbroken and stripped of my happiness, my peace, my identity, and the inhibition I once had.

I have finally found my voice, found freedom in my body and freedom from the influences that kept me from sexual liberation. I've made peace with my sexual past, present, and future. I've found my voice and I hold my own space to be free. In finding my sexual freedom I've allowed myself to find growth beyond what I thought possible.

I want to share everything I've learned in my journey, hold space for any sexual being seeking sexual freedom, and support both individuals and couples in the journey to ultimate pleasure.

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